Aqua Scale, Tappy Octopus tap guard and gorgeously soft bamboo washers and towels from Little Bamboo should help make bathtime relaxing.


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    Little Bamboo’s hooded towels are made from super soft bamboo fibres that make drying baby that bit quicker and snuggling after bathtime that bit more gentle and comfy.

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    Little Bamboo’s silky-soft towelling washers are great for keeping baby squeaky clean! Anti-bacterial and great water absorbency, make them a must have bath time accessory.

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    Little Bamboo’s soft and gentle muslins in a ten pack! Muslin squares are a must have with any new baby as they serve so many uses. From swaddling to burping to draping.

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    Aqua Scale is a baby bath with a difference! Not only is it a uniquely shaped anti slip baby bath with water temperature thermometer, but it is also a digital baby scale. Monitoring weight gain is crucial in the early months - Aqua Scale does it all for you during bath time! 

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    The Aqua Scale bath stand has a new fresh design and features a wider drainage tube for faster emptying. 

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    Tappy is a rather cute octupus toy that not only cushions taps and spouts but also provides extra fun at bathtime! Tappy is a safety toy that is made from soft neoprene. It attaches to ANY sized hot metal tap or spout preventing banged heads and scalded fingers. Simple velcro on design.

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    Cutting babies nails can be tricky and a little scary! Stylfile Nipper Clippers make the job that much easier. A spy hole lets you see exactly what you are snipping, the cutting blade is also unique and gently snips soft baby nails using a smooth action. Handy app too for distracting baby. Oversized handle for easy adult use.

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