Baby Jogger Pushchair Accessories

Baby Jogger Pushchair Accessories

Baby Jogger make a range of pushchair accessories to compliment and enhance their pushchair and stroller range. Includes carrycots, footmuffs and much more.

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    The City Elite and Summit rain cover is a custom fit for your buggy. Keeps wind and rain at bay and has a handy front zippered section for easy access to baby.

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    The Deluxe Pram Carrycot is larger and more luxurious than the standard compact carrycot, and features a soft comfy quilted interior for baby.

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    The Compact Carrycot is a perfect addition for your Baby Jogger pushchair, providing a lie flat bassinet for the early months.

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    Being able to attach your newborn car seat to your Baby Jogger and make a travel system is a handy feature. These adaptor brackets simply slot in to the pushchair frame and then the car seat slots in to them. All very easy!

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    Custom made for many of the Baby Jogger pushchairs, this multi fit footmuff is warm and cosy for the winter months. The front zips off to make a seat liner and there is convenient access to the fold mechanism.

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    The Belly Bar is a grab bar for your child to hold on to whilst strolling. Adjusts at the push of a button and has a machine washable cover. IN STOCK

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    Handy drink and snack tray for your single Baby Jogger pushchair. Easy to clean, opens on either side and pushchair folds with tray attached. Popular additional accessory.

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    Neoprene handlebar parent console that features a cup holder and two additional storage pouches with flip over cover secured with a magnetic catch to keep personal items, keys, wallet covered and secure. Console attaches to pushchair with strong velcro. Universal fit to most pushchairs.

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    The Liquid Holster is a really clever bit of kit! A self-levelling mechanism prevents unwanted spills when out and about. It securely fits most tubing as well, so it's not just for your stroller!

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    The Glider Board is a ride on board for an older toddler. Non slip standing platform with easy attachment to the rear axle of your buggy. Glider Board folds out of the way when not in use.

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    Great product for the prevention of pin prick punctures in pushchair tyres. Slime Tube Sealant is formulated and tested for use in all tube tyres. Once installed, Slime remains liquid and will not harden or dry out.

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    Custom designed padded travel bag for all Baby Jogger single pushchairs. Durable fabric with handy shoulder strap. A must have for travelling!

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