Baby Jogger Double/Twin Pushchairs

Baby Jogger Double/Twin Pushchairs

The Baby Jogger double range includes an urban side by side, the City Mini double, an off road side by side, the City Mini GT double and then the oh so versatile City Select, the jewel in the Baby Jogger crown.

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    Suitable for twins or newborn/toddler combo, the City Mini double is a highly manouvreable, relatively lightweight, easy to fold compact side by side double for urban use. Folds and steers one handed - makes life a bit easier with two! NEW COBALT COLOURWAY NOW IN STOCK!

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    The City Mini GT double is an ideal choice if you love the City Mini double spec but need off road wheels. With added touches like an adjustable handlebar and handbrake, the GT is a stylish choice. NEW STEEL GREY NOW IN STOCK!

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    The City Select has over 16 possible configurations. Single, double, one, two (optional second seat) or even three children if you add a Glider Board ... this pushchair surely has it all!

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    Due Autumn 2017, the new City Select LUX. With over 20 different configurations, some great new accessories and a smaller fold footprint, this is sure to be a popular choice. Single, double or triple, the City Select Lux is a truly versatile all terrain pushchair. NOW IN STOCK

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