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Need to lose a few kilos?! A buyer’s guide to purchasing a jogging buggy.

Published on 31-12-2014

31 December 2014

So here we are in 2015 – happy New Year!  Are you like me, full of good intentions for a healthier year?

Did you know that just one mince pie takes 35-45 minutes to run off (and lets face it, who ever heard of having just one mince pie!)?

If like me you feel like you have been stuck indoors for weeks (but it has actually only been days), downing all the naughty but nice goodies that Christmas brings, whilst the kids run riot resembling characters from Where the Wild Things Are …… it’s ok – we are in the same place – what better time to strap the little one in to the jogging buggy and get out for a mince pie blasting run.

Before you take to the road a couple of pointers to consider:

  • Just as you wouldn’t head out for a marathon in your Jimmy Choos, you can’t just head out with any old pushchair. There are specific jogging style strollers on the market which are not only suitable for jogging but will also cope admirably with your local National Trust path or common.
  • How old is your child? Most pushchair manufacturers recommend waiting until baby is six months before you start jogging or running.
  • You – how fit are you? Don’t leap in – consider how stuck you will be if you pick up an injury! ‘Gently does it” is the advice from our friendly physio.

OK, so you are ready to roll (ha!) – what do you need to look for in a jogging pushchair?

  • Lockable front wheel for stability when running
  • Hand operated brake to keep control
  • A good sunshade  for those facing the sun moments
  • Pneumatic tyres and good suspension

So you see, there’s no need to get up super early to squeeze in that run before baby awakes or try to fit in an evening run when your energy levels are totally zapped! Click on the links to see our super, designed for purpose, sleek jogging pushchairs from Mountain Buggy & Baby Jogger. We recommend the Mountain Buggy Terrain or the Baby Jogger Summit.

Remember that whilst you are dripping with sweat baby may need a little something more to keep warm so why not invest in a gorgeous Buggysnuggle to complete the kit! 

What experience do you have of exercising with your kids? Comment below – we’d love to hear from you.

Happy New Year!


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