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How we can help with the back to school blues

Published on 11-09-2015

Back to school time can be daunting for both parents and children alike.

Whether it's a new teacher, first day at creche or a move to "big" school, all means change. Not only that but the move from summer holiday freedom to a more structured school day is also a shift for children.

The smoother the transition, the easier it will be for children and for us parents!

How can we help?


Be enthusiastic

The more confident and excited you are the more your child will be - they pick up on our emotions so make them good ones!


Be prepared

Even if you've visited the new school before, even if it's not a new school but a new class. You can't be too prepared - take a walk up to the school / creche beforehand and point out all the ways your child will have fun. Like "Look, there's the playground - you'll be able to hang out with your friends there".

Get in early

Especially if it's a new school. Getting there early means less people and so it should be less overwhelming. Plus your child will likely get a bit of extra time with the teacher. Win!

Make a date

It''s likely that you'll know some of the other children, even if it's a new school. Make a play date before school starts so that they will see a familiar, friendly face on the first day.

Start as you mean to go on!

It may not be popular but start trying to bring bedtime earlier in the week before school starts. Get your child used to helping with making a packed lunch if that's what he'll be taking with him.

 Find some extra time

  • Try to have some extra time so you don't have to rush. Taking those minutes to listen and chat with an anxious child can make all the difference. 
  • Don't drag out the goodbyes! If your child fusses, clings or cries staying may make it harder. It's heartbreaking to leave an upset child but he'll get over it in 5 minutes. You on the other hand may need a little longer! 
  • Always say goodbye to your child. Be firm but friendly about separating. Never tease or belittle a child for being upset. Instead, use understanding phrases like, "It's hard to say goodbye."


Above all, relish the new opportunities your child will have for fun, friendships and learning! 

And mummies - book a coffee date with a friend for after that first drop off, you may need a treat to help dry your tears.


Good luck!


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