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The Perfect Pushchair for Twins

Published on 18-03-2016

One of the questions I am most asked is 'what is the perfect pushchair for twins?' Over the years I have sold many different pushchair brands so my knowledge base is wide - I am also a mother myself so understand what is important when choosing and more importantly using a double buggy.

Double or twin pushchairs can be side by side or tandem (one in front of the other). There are pros and cons to both. Your other consideration will be town or country. Do you need off road? All terrain buggies are often more robust so can be a great choice for those with twins. If you live in town though then a lighter more umbrella style of buggy might be a better choice.

Side By Side - the main advantage of a double/twin side by side buggy is that your children are next to each other so they can ineract. This eliminates the need to 'take turns' or decide who gets the best seat as can happen with a tandem! Both seats of your side by side will be the same size. Perhaps therefore better for twins or siblings close in age. A couple of other plus's - they are easier to get up and down kerbs, the weight is more evenly distributed and there is often a great deal more storage that is easier to get to than in a tandem. But there are cons as with everything. Width is the biggest one.If there is a doorway you must fit through in your home or local town then do measure before buying. There are now slimline doubles, the Mountain Buggy Duet being the best in the slimline field. Just have width and weight in your head when looking. If you use public transport and need to fold and lift your buggy into your car on a daily basis then the weight will be an important factor for you.

Our Top Choices for side by side, we love the Mountain Buggy Duet. For twins, or toddler and newborn, this is a great choice. Carrycots, car seats, parent facing seat units (carrycot converts), narrow, relatively light, air filled all terrain wheels ... great product! For a standard city side by side buggy you will be hard pushed to beat the Baby Jogger City Mini. With its unbeatable quick fold mechanism, big roomy comfy seats and huge sun canopy this is an excellent easy to use well made product.

Tandem - Tandem buggies are the same width as single buggies (obviously!) You will therefore take up less space on the pavement, easily negotiate any shop or house doorway and if choosing carefully you can fold and lift for public transport or boot storage quickly and easily. Tandems up until now have not been a great choice for twins if I'm honest as generally speaking there is one big seat and one small seat but the market has moved on and there are now a couple of tandem options that are just peachy for twins!

Our Top Choices for tandem, the Phil & Teds Voyager and Baby Jogger City Select. The Voyager has a 4-in-1 modular seat - four modes: parent facing, forward facing, lie flat & lie flat off the buggy. The second/double seat does the same thing. Car seats can be attached with adaptors, off road aeromaxx (puncture proof) tyres complete this great choice. The Baby Jogger City Select does all the same things - carrycots, car seats - the ever popular quick fold - a great choice and a tiny bit cheaper than the Voyager.

Choosing a buggy for twins can be overwhelming. I hope this blog has helped a little. If you do have questions please don't hesitate to ask.


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