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Getting Back Into Shape After Baby

Published on 08-04-2016

Babies are the most beautiful gift we’re ever given, though most of us wish that they hadn’t left quite such a mark on our bodies! The weight has gone up, the stretch marks have increased, and if you’ve had a cesarean section, your body is in even worse shape!

Before you begin trying to get back into shape, make sure to speak with your Doctor & check you’re healthy enough for exercise, particularly after any birth-related surgeries. After that, take a look at these tips to help you get back into shape.

  • First, think realistically. The weight didn’t all come at once and it surely won’t disappear at once. As wonderful as it would be to wake up tomorrow and have it all gone, it won’t happen.  Also, if you’re a first time mum, you’ll see that you have much less time than you did before to work on your outward appearance.  Your best option is to make realistic goals, and then measure yourself weekly to see how you’re progressing. Calculate the amount of weight you want to lose and break it into much smaller pieces, and then as you progress, celebrate each of those smaller goals. They all add up to the big win. Losing weight slowly is also healthier and makes you more likely to keep the weight off than if you lost it very quickly.
  • Secondly, understand that healthy is always more important than thin. You may never be able to fit into your very small clothes again. Our hip bones actually shift during pregnancy, and they don’t go all the way back to their original position. For those women that are very small, it’s nearly impossible to fit into their old clothes because the bone structure has changed.
  • Third, don’t talk negatively to yourself. Giving birth is a miracle, and should be treated as such. So many women all over the world can never have children, and would love to have to struggle with weight as long as they had a beautiful baby to go with it. Remember how blessed you are - stretch marks, extra tummy fat, and all.

Do your research. There are many popular diet plans, and perhaps your doctor can recommend one as well. The most basic method of weight loss is to burn more calories than you eat. Other plans include limiting carbohydrates, eating according to blood type, and eating only “clean”, non-processed foods. There are literally hundreds of diet plans to choose from. Each body responds differently, so I can’t recommend the best nutrition plan for you, but I do recommend choosing one that you can stay with for the rest of your life. The problem with different diets is that once you end them, the weight comes back.

Always, always, always exercise. Exercise for weight loss, stress relief, disease prevention, and strength. Exercise has even been proven to prevent cancer. If you don’t like to exercise, find a physical activity that is fun for you, like skating, participating in sports, dancing, or swimming. They all burn calories, and much like diets, you’re more likely to continue those enjoyable habits throughout your life.

Finally, keep in mind that it’s much more important to be healthy and strong for your babies than it is to fit into a smaller bathing suit. Focus on eating healthy, exercising, and strengthening your heart. You now have someone depending on you to be healthy for them. Your baby won’t care if you have a bit extra around the tummy area. I promise.

Have you lost the baby weight? What is your favorite method of exercise?



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