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  • Mountain Buggy Juno Newborn Baby Carrier


    Newborn baby carriers are one of those essential bits of kit when your little one arrives. They keep baby close enough to kiss (great for bonding), soothe and lets face it, also allows Mum or Dad some precious time hands free to do a few essential household chores. Whether at home or out and about, a baby carrier is an essential item.


  • Blade & Rose Leggings - Christmas is Coming!


    I am utterly in love with these gorgeous Christmas leggings for newborns and toddlers from Blade & Rose. Perfect for little ones Christmas parties.


  • Neckerchew Chewy Dribble Bib - New Designs for 2015


    The Neckerchew isn't a Shiny New Thing to our website, but there are some lovely new designs that I thought you might like to see!

    For those of you that haven't yet tried a Neckerchew on your teething baby, DO, as these chewy dribble bibs really are not only a jazzy addition to little ones wardrobe but also a great product and teething aide.


  • How to help soothe your teething baby


    After the blurred shock of the first few months with a new baby, you finally hit your stride. You feel a bit more confident, able to second guess what baby needs and when. Perhaps even get a bit of a life back *gasp*! But then - TEETHING.

    There are lots of horror stories about what symptoms can be blamed on teething, (most of them totally lacking any medical or scientific back up) and while some babies sail through, barely noticing their new little pegs others can suffer a bit more.


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