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  • Getting Back Into Shape After Baby


    Babies are the most beautiful gift we’re ever given, though most of us wish that they hadn’t left quite such a mark on our bodies after they’ve been delivered. The weight has gone up, the stretch marks have increased, and if you’ve had a cesarean section, your body is in even worse shape.


  • Fit & Healthy for 2016


    Have you thought about making 2016 a year to get healthier? Many of us have. - I have! You can’t put a price on your health. This year, why not evaluate your health and make some changes if you need to. Living a long and happy life starts with healthy habits. You may add years on to your life and your children will love you for it. Here are some tips to help you get started making healthy changes.


  • Need to lose a few kilos?! A buyer’s guide to purchasing a jogging buggy.


    So here we are in 2015 – happy New Year!  Are you like me, full of good intentions for a healthier year?

    Did you know that just one mince pie takes 35-45 minutes to run off (and lets face it, who ever heard of having just one mince pie!)?

    If like me you feel like you have been stuck indoors for weeks (but it has actually only been days), downing all the naughty but nice goodies that Christmas brings, whilst the kids run riot resembling characters from Where the Wild Things Are …… it’s ok – we are in the same place – what better time to strap the little one in to the jogging buggy and get out for a mince pie blasting run.


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